Southern Penthouse

Location Andria, Italy
Year 2010
Client Private
Area / Volume 250 sqm + 150 sqm terrace
Architectural design Mariella Tesse
Photography Simone Sanchioni

The light of the South is the main material used in this house for a young couple. It reverberates on the shiny surface of the sloping ceilings, multiplies in the mirror wall on the bottom, reflects in the light gray cement flooring, gets trapped in the rough stones of the water areas. Spreading in the game of bounces between the different gradients of the materials’ clarity it intertwines with the diaphanous surfaces of the few walls that organize the space. The apartment extends on two levels: the upper level is a bright living area looking into the opposed terraces; the lower floor is an intimate sleeping zone. The bedrooms open on two large balconies separated by a small winter garden used as children playroom.