Apartement Parioli

Location Rome, Italy
Year 2007
Client Private
Area / Volume 140 sqm + 70 sqm terrace
Architectural design Mariella Tesse

In the house of an art collector the request was to leave the artworks in the same position they were before. The apartment is divided in two zones: the gallery and the wellness area. The gallery is the public part of the house and stretches between the two light volumes of the storage room and the kitchen. The change of color of the vertical coatings in lacquered glass identifies the different functions. The gallery’s main areas, the study, the living room and the dining room are separated by golden tiled wall from the more private part of the wellness area. Here a large skylight illuminates the bathtub creating a smooth and relaxing atmosphere. Precious reverberations of light on the walls point the way to the master bedroom.