Shopping Center Palatino

Location Turin, Italy
Year 1999/2000
Client Turin Municipality
Area / Volume 13.000 sqm
Project manager Riccardo Gaggi, Cristina Gagliardi
Architectural design Massimiliano e Doriana Fuksas
Structural design AI Engineering S.r.l.
M.E.P. design AI Studio

The Palatino Center is one of the projects for the redevelopment of the old marketplace in the district of Porta Palazzo in Turin. The Project has been followed in the Competition, Preliminary, Final and Work-in Drawing design phases. The 5-storey construction is characterizedĀ  by the external faƧade consisting of a layered system of glass blades, by a titanium-zinc roofing and sculptural optically colored pillars. Starting from the architectural findings of the two ipogee cellars, a system of ramps links the different floors till the terrace. Total cost of the building estimated: 15 ml Euro.