Urban Redevelopment Matteotti Blvd

Location Cusano Milanino, Milan, Italy
Year 2007
Client Municipality of Cusano Milanino
Area / Volume 18940 sqm + 5890 sqm underground parking (trhee leves)
Architectural design Cristina Gagliardi, Riccardo Gaggi
Collaborator Marica Sarcinelli

The proposed project proposes an organic and unitary pedestrian area along G. Matteotti Blvd. enhancing the potential of the site. The concept works on three integrated levels of definition: a single modular design that fits within the urban structure favoring an homogeneous view and at the same time allowing a specific declination of the different urban centrality; a system of lines on the ground that enhances the alternative pedestrian paths, connecting to the rich and diversified inner network of the city; an urban design that, together with tree and shrub species, introduces an additional level of complexity to the project with elements integrated to the paving of the square, forming a flexible and outstanding pedestrian area. Through these layers, the concept of a closed square is renewed to indicate a larger system, including a boulevard stretched between two poles able to create relationships, catalyzing the different paths that meander through the city and making them visible.