‘Flow’, Nursery and Public Park

Location Rome, Italy
Year 2013
Client Consorzio Villa Troili
Area / Volume Nursery 1020 sqm +Garden 4560 sqm + Public Park 3840 sqm
Architectural design DOIT Architetti Associati
Structural design Proges Engineering S.a.s.
M.E.P. design ADF Sistemi S.r.l.

The nursery’s cover is an evocative presence that protects and encloses, laying gently in the green part of the neighborhood. The plasticity of the five reinforced concrete slabs of the roofing generates a free and soft spatiality. Only apparent is the oxymoron between concrete and tenderness. The roof communicates safety and warmth, opens and closes, amplifies or reduces the space , varying with its sinuous shape the heights of the internal volume. The petals are subjected to the deformation of soft forces allowing light to penetrate and merge with the windows and patios light. Playing and learning in a simple and clear space where the light plays with the rough petals of the roof and slides along the curved walls. We designed like children, for the children creating a space of the imagination, a flower that becomes physical space, the theater of curiosity, surprise, sensitivity.  The building is placed in the park so as to let the green penetrate in the recesses of the buildings creating patios of heterogeneous shapes and sizes. The garden offers different perspectives for each class becoming a place, not only for recreation, play and outdoor physical activity but also a laboratory for visual, tactile, olfactory and playful experience.