Junior High School Complex

Location Piano di Sorrento, Neaples, Italy
Year 2014
Client Municipality of Piano di Sorrento, Neaples, Italy
Area / Volume Scholl Building 5100 Sqm, School Garden 6450 Sqm
Collaborator Davide Gravino, Jelena Markovic, Eleonora Merico
Structural design Proges Engineering S.a.s.
M.E.P. design AI Engineering S.r.l. , AI Studio

The school complex is a micro urban system consisting of the extra-didactic areas of the school (gym, auditorium, sports equipment), the square with a large outdoor amphitheater and terraced steps from the small park consisting of the existing green and green spaces in front of the entrance to the gym. The new school building is used as a ¬†mixed-use facility both from the community and from the school making it a flexible space for cultural production. The potential functional reversibility of the school complex into a “cultural center”, usable in extra learning hours offers to the population of neighboring towns a wide range of spaces for culture and sociality.