Social Rehab Center

Location Andria, Italy
Year 2013
Client Home for Life Onlus
Area / Volume 3000 m2
Architectural design Mariella Tesse

The Centre for social rehabilitation realizes on an area confiscated from the criminals a place for the reception of people who cannot count on the support of the family. The project consists of two main buildings. The first building is a family-house where, in addition to providing accommodation, it is possible to stimulate the acquisition of personal autonomy, social reintegration, the development of the processes of choice, the comparison in group. The other building is a rehabilitation center for social reintegration through recreational, cultural, social and psycho-motor activities. The area looks like a large garden characterized by a spiral path going up through different tree species creating an experiential journey through the plants, their flowers and their perfumes. Go up one floor becomes a natural experience through a enchanted garden. The center for the disabled is built around a media library: all the walls have no angles designing a flexible and reconfigurable space always in visual continuity with the garden. Around the multimedia library are organized the workshop for artistic handicraft activities manual, the multi-purpose hall for performances, screenings and sports activities, changing rooms and services, surgery and the manager’s office, a kitchen and a bar.¬†The bar lobby is the start of the spiral ramp leading to the terrace equipped for outdoor activities: theater to encourage expressive activities, cinema, education, small events. Outside a large glass pavilion equipped for technical and artistic laboratories is a wide greenhouse. The house-family is an aggregate of 4 residential one floor units, each accommodating four people.