Residential Complex

Location Andria, Italy
Year 2009/2010
Client Private
Area / Volume lot 860 smq; mc 1725
Architectural design Mariella Tesse

This residential complex distributes on a lot of irregular shape offers residential units (16 apartments from 60 to, 120 sqm.) on four levels. At the ground floor the commercial spaces cladded with the same dark stone of the sidewalks paving are embedded in a dark socket that anchors the building to the ground. A dark perforated roofing system ┬ádefines the upper edge of the building. It becomes a pergola on which climbing plants form a green barrier that helps to reduce the radiation on the rooftop and supports photovoltaic panels. The main fa├žades are punctuated by mobile wooden brise-soleil. An inner courtyard provides green social spaces and a pleasant view for the apartments.