Private House Hierro Island

Location Hierro Island, Canary Islands
Year 2012
Client Private
Area / Volume 300 sqm house,1290 sqm external
Architectural design Riccardo Gaggi, Cristina Gagliardi

On a hillside overlooking the Hierro island sea, we looked for an elevation that would allow to widely  benefit from the magnificent view over the water. The house is there implanted, in an height that does not exist in the actual terrain. Its reinvented topography, shaped by it the assistance of rock walls that accentuates the ledges, is already the proclamation of this assembly, setting the basis for its construction. The morphology of the house also allows the development of external spaces above the volume. A long swimming pool with spectacular views on the coast is developed on the footprint  of the upper  volume. A molded classical shaped ceiling smoothes the rough severity of the stone construction and the wild  natural environment. An almost imperceptible spiral staircase connects the living area directly with the pool.