Private House Saint-Étienne

Location Saint-Étienne, France
Year 2012
Client Private
Area / Volume 570 m2
Architectural design Cristina Gagliardi, Riccardo Gaggi

The house follows the linear progression of prefabricated wooden frames that constitute the construction’s skeleton. The functions generate the rhythm and the degree of density of the vertical cladding: garage with vegetal screen,  entrances like glass greenhouse,  living areas, sleeping rooms and storage partitioned by swiveling and folding wooden brise soleil  that guarantee different degrees of openness and visibility. The shutters enveloping the structure creates  a protective layer both from atmospheric conditions and from direct exposure of the house, creating a cozy atmosphere inside.  The building is north-south oriented, there are appropriate screening systems to prevent overheating. This space significantly contributes to the reduction of over 30% of the heat requirement. The project is a spatial and architectural research for methods to provide new perspectives in the relationship between landscape and architecture.