Private House Rome

Location Rome, Italy
Year 2010
Client Private
Area / Volume 435 sqm
Architectural design Cristina Gagliardi, Riccardo Gaggi
Structural design Proges Engineering S.a.s.

The proposal  provides for two perpendicular superimposed concrete and wood  volumes, a swimming pool and a park  located along the lush perimeter of the property. The interior becomes part of the exterior and vice versa. A linear pool below the living area is shown on the upper floor through portholes on the floor of the hall. The pavement almost naturally bends to form a large seat in the living room like a bridge over the pool. High vertical wood blades filtering natural light may in turn be completely closed making  the volume blind and compact. The lower volume cladded with zinc titanium panels  houses the living room, the kitchen, a relaxation area , a laundry area and services. The Upper volume 90° rotated respect to the lower has the bedrooms , bathroom, a relaxation area and a study area. The materials and the architectural shape seek to obtain a structure with high energy efficiency.