Head Office Centre for Transportation

Location Maputo, Mozambico
Year 2012
Client Private
Area / Volume 15.750 m3
Architectural design Riccardo Gaggi
Structural design Proges Engineering S.a.s.

The complex houses the Head Office and Logistics of the Head Bus Terminal of Maputo. It supports all the services associated to the high attendance transport service (train, tram and bus) of the metropolitan area linking Maputo and Matola. The building consists of two overlapping volumes extending in the park and is reflected in a body of water that stretches on its short side along the avenue shaded by palm trees. The office building has a ground floor reception and a security services. On the first floor the Central Office and the Government Office are located; on the second floor the Operations Department and its offices are organized; on the third floor the administrator’s offices are placed while on the fourth floor a residential area for Top Management overlooks the park.The guest quarters for senior management on the top floor is a concrete volume shadowed on two sides by brise soleil. This floor houses ten suites with a rooftop swimming pool overlooking the park.