Head Bus Terminal

Location Maputo, Mozambico
Year 2012
Client Maputo Transports Society
Area / Volume 79.900 m3
Architectural design Riccardo Gaggi
Structural design Proges Engineering S.a.s.

The Head Bus Terminal in Maputo is a project  to manages  the 52 lines bus routes, rail lines and trucking necessary for the strengthening and implementation of the link Maputo – Matola. The project is located in a central position respect to the new transport network, connecting the center of the capital with the stadium, the airport, the university, the ferry terminal to the Gulf, the hospital and other neighboring towns. It spreads over an area of ​​about 18 hectares providing parking areas with 10 stalls for 500 vehicles, each with its area of transit and maneuver, and space for the stopping of 50 trams and 10 trains. Three hangars for the maintenance of transport will be built: a train hangar with workstations at five tracks, a tram hangar with workstations at six tracks, a bus hangar with two buildings, one for mechanical, one for washing cars. Another building will be dedicated to the maintenance is adjacent to the bus, tram, train hangars. The project provides also facilities and meeting spaces for the workers with a lounge for drivers and office management.